Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hair 101, Part 2 - Managing + Styling My Hair!

Ok so to continue my Hair 101 post, here's part 2! I'm going to go through all the products I use to wash + style my hair. 

                             Herbal Essences Hydralicious Self-Targeting Shampoo + Conditioner

I usually wash my hair every other day or every two days, depending on how oily/limp my hair looks. I LOVE Herbal Essences shampoos and conditioners. My favorites are the Hydralicious. Right now I am currently using the pink one but they also have a purple and an orange. I find that the conditioner doesn't weigh down my hair at all. They also smell really good, too!  I'll probably be doing a full review on these in the future.

                                             Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Instant Repair Treatment

Every now and then I feel like my hair needs extra conditioning. As I mentioned in part 1 of my Hair 101, I have dyed my hair in the past and I'm still in the process of growing out my last dye job. The ends of my hair are extremely dry and having a deep conditioner can help. I wouldn't say this is my favorite deep conditioner but I picked it up on sale for $1.99 at Walgreens a few months ago. I really love the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Conditioner so I would recommend that one. I usually just apply this one from the bottom of my ear, down to the ends of my hair. I keep it in while I wash my face or body and then rinse it out.

                                  John Frieda 3-day Straight Semi-Permanent Styling Spray
                                                 John Frieda Weather-Proofing Style Sealant Creme

I'm a huge fan of the John Frieda Frizz-Ease line as you can see. I do have a case of the frizzies, so it's good to have a products that can combat it. First up is the 3-day Straight styling spray. This product is actually meant for curly hair which I do not have. Like I mentioned before my hair is wavy-ish naturally. The purpose of this spray is to give you curly-haired girls straight hair that should last up to 3 days. Now because my hair isn't curly I don't know how this would work for you. But I will say if your hair is wavy and you don't want to run a straightener through it, this is a better alternative. Basically I spray this throughout my hair, brush it to make sure it's evenly distributed, add in the other products I use and then blow dry my hair. After doing all that, my hair has A LOT of volume. For a girl with fine hair it's sort of a struggle to get volume without having to tease the roots a bit. With this routine though, I get volume. The Weather-Proofing spray is meant to seal out effects that the weather might have on your hair. This brings us back to the frizz factor because humidity is the main cause of my frizz. I don't put this in my hair every day but when I know it's humid out I do. I spread this through my hair evenly while my hair is still damp. 

                                                                  Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray
                                                                      John Frieda Heat Defeat

Protecting your hair from heat is another big factor in maintaining your hair. Especially if you're applying heat to it every day. I have two different heat protectors that I use. The first one is the Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray, and the second is the John Frieda Heat Defeat(another product from the Frizz-Ease line!). I'm not really sure how you're supposed to tell if they're working or not but if it's meant to protect, no harm in using it!

That pretty much sums up my Hair 101. I don't use too many products on my hair because it can be weighed down pretty easily but those are ones I do use and love. I hope you all enjoy these posts!

Do you have any of these products and love them as much as I do? Or do you have other hair products you swear by?

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